Announcing Singing Stones Jewelry

Well folks, I finally did it.  I’ve finally taken my jewelry obsession business online. had a soft launch in time for my first show, but I finally got the companion Etsy site online yesterday in time for today, “Cyber Monday”.

The Etsy shop name is Singing Stones Jewels, an important distinction as someone else had already taken the name Singing Stones Jewelry.  Oh well, it’ll be obvious by the wit and charm (and really pretty stuff) that it’s me.

Per usual, if you know me in IRL and want something that is on either site I’ll happily pull it down for you.  I’ve already pulled something from the .com and sold it to a friend.

If you go on Etsy on a regular basis, please add me, circle me, all that social media type stuff.  The more free publicity notice I get, the better.  This is helping to pay our bills right now.

Thanks, everyone, and happy shopping.


7 thoughts on “Announcing Singing Stones Jewelry”

  1. Oooooh. I want the moonstone/cultured-pearl/sterling-silver drop earrings. Beautiful. Also the sterling-silver/rainbow-tourmaline ones (I have in mind to split them between two particular boys). I can’t tell what the metal is in the moonstone/cultured-pearl/micro-onyx earrings – can you shed some light there?

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