This irks me

Before you ask, no, this isn’t a “War on Christmas” post.  There is no “War on Christmas.”  That’s just Faux News propaganda.

In October sometime I was in Michael’s and Silent Night was playing overhead.  The fact that they were selling Christmas wreath making kits and such really didn’t bother me.  If you’re going to be all crafty and make all of your Christmas decorations, you do need to start early.  You’ll get no complaint from me about that.

But playing Silent Night in October?  A Christmas carol that is, quite literally, about Christmas Eve?  I was gritting my teeth and fighting the urge to throw things.

Then there are other retail blunders.  Like the title of the following email, received from the good folks at Costco just today.

Get Your Holiday Photo Gifts Just in Time for Christmas‏

I’m sorry, if it’s a gift for Christmas, call it what it is, a Christmas gift.  If you want those photo gifts in time for Hanukkah then call them Hanukkah gifts.  Isn’t this how the English language is supposed to work?

Maybe I’m out of touch because I don’t have TV anymore, but we haven’t given in to calling all holidays just “holiday” yet, have we?  Never mind, don’t tell me.  I don’t want to know.


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