Happy Halloween and Go Sox!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to say thank you for all of the kindness and consideration given to us this past week.  It really does mean a lot to me to get so many cards, phone calls, visits, and all of the other things people have done for Kelly and me.  We really feel loved.

And as if the universe wanted to say “sorry Geoff, here’s something to cheer you up”, my beloved Red Sox won the World Series last night, right here in Boston at Fenway Park.  It is so awesome to walk around today wearing one of my Red Sox shirts and have total strangers – some with Red Sox gear, some without – suddenly smile from ear to ear and give a thumbs up, or laugh and say “Go Sox” or all sorts of other combinations.  It really makes me feel great.  Maybe 2013 will have some redeeming qualities after all.

And I wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone!

Here’s some great creative costumes to check out.  And of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without the Jack Chop. *


*And if you haven’t seen the Jack Chop infomercial yet, what’s wrong with you?  Watch it, just remember it’s NSFW.

It’s not about strength or bravery

Regular visitors around here may have noticed that it’s been quiet for a while.  Sometimes life gets in the way and we can’t post, I’m sure you all understand.  Sometimes life hands you great material for posting and the first thought one of us has it, “that’ll make such a good post!”  Then we might go days without such inspiration.

Then sometimes life kicks you in the teeth and there just isn’t anything to say.  That’s what’s been happening lately.

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Tuesday Night Concerts & More

The church where I am currently a long term sub, St. Peter’s Episcopal in Central Square, Cambridge, has a concert series starting tomorrow night.  The schedule is below.

8 @ 8 pm        THE QUILISMA CONSORT (recorder trio)
15 @ 6 pm      OPERA BRITTENICA presents preview of THE RAPE OF LUCRETIA
22 @ 8 pm      AARON LARGET-CAPLAN (classical guitar)
29 @ 8 pm       NED ROREM – 90 YEARS (piano works)
5 @ 8 pm       TBA
19 @ 8 pm      COUNTERTENOR CABARET (countertenor duo and piano)
26 @ 8 pm      LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP ORCHESTRA (NEC students)
3 @ 8 pm        JUDAS MACCABAEUS (excerpts from the oratorio)
10 @ 8 pm      CHARLES TRENET CENTENNIAL (vocal duo and piano)

For more information or to inquire about being a part of the series, please contact Peter Terry at peterry19 -at- gmail.com

This is the concert schedule for the series through the end of the year.  More concerts will be scheduled for the new year.  There are also some special musical events and services to keep on your radar.


Saturday, December 7 @ 1:00 pm MESSIAH SINGALONG

Saturday, December 7 @ 6:00 pm MIT WOMEN’S CHORALE

Monday, December 16 @ 7:30 pm FENWAY QUINTET (Brass & Organ Christmas Concert)

Saturday, January 4 @ 5:00 pm LESSONS AND CAROLS of CHRISTMAS

St. Peter’s is fully accessible, right on the 1 bus and the Central Sq. stop on the Red Line.

For more information:
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Central Square
838 Massachusetts Avenue at Sellers Street
Cambridge, MA


Suddenly, I wish I could “like” something on Facebook

Anyone who’s a regular reader around here knows that Geoff and I are not on Facebook.  Today I ran across something on the Huffington Post that made me wish that I could actually like or upvote it or whatever it is you do on Facebook.  Get out the tissues, folks, this one is horrible and amazing all at the same time.

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We love Lewis Black

A few years ago I drove with my dad to pick up my brother-in-law’s car that was parked at an Air Force base a few hours away.  On the way down I popped in a few of my Lewis Black concert CDs, and I don’t know if I have ever seen my dad laugh so hard for so long as he did on that trip.  Instant Lewis Black fan.

Well, Lewis continues to be awesome, and we love him for it.  Recently, his Daily Show segment Back in Black featured his take on the homophobic comments of the CEO of Barilla, the big pasta maker.  Watch it, but probably not at work.



Welcome, October

Ok, so it’s October 1st.  The Federal Government has effectively shut down.  Open enrollment for the ACA has started, but the website isn’t working.  In fact, until about 11:00am this morning, the MA iteration of the website didn’t even reflect that open enrollment for people looking for ACA healthcare effective 1/1/14 had begun.

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