Please welcome the newest member of our family –

Today we brought home the newest member of our family, Dash.  Dash is a 6-year-old black and tan tweenie male long hair dachshund.  We thought initially that the previous owners had named him Dash because so many people mispronounce dachshund as “dash-hound.”  Apparently that’s not the case, this little guy is fast.

The Very Rev. Dash Linus Hopkins Michael (Jr.)
The Very Rev. Dash Linus Hopkins Michael (Jr.)

Since Rerun died there’s been a hole in our family.  We still miss him every day, but it was clear that Thumbelina was not doing as well with just the 2 cats as she did with another dog around.  Also, Thumbelina only really likes dachshunds and, well, we were feeling like it was time to look for a new addition.

Over the last month or so I had bookmarked every Humane Society in MA, Southern NH, and RI and I periodically looked through them to see if anyone had gotten in a dachshund or dachshund mix that looked like it might be a good fit for Thumbelina.  We wanted an adult dog that was good with other dogs and cats.  That was our only criteria.

Another picture from his humane society page.
Another picture from his humane society page.

On Sunday night I was perusing some of the sites and I came across Dash on the Dakin Humane Society site.  And I immediately had the same feeling I had 13 years ago when I saw Thumbelina’s photo online.  I knew.  I called Geoff downstairs and showed him the computer and he agreed, we had to meet Dash.

How cute am I?  Seriously.
How cute am I? Seriously.

As Dakin is closed on Mondays, it wasn’t until I finished work yesterday that I was able to get in touch with someone there.  I had a phone interview of sorts and was able to put a 24 hour hold on him.  Then Geoff and I were able to work out with our awesome and fantastic bosses the ability to leave work at 2 today.  You see, Dakin Humane Society is in Western MA.

It’s a 2 hour drive away from us and we had to leave work, go home and get Thumbelina, and get there in time for the dogs to meet and play and, if they got along, fill out the paperwork, pay the adoption fee, and drive 2 hours home.  Ultimately this adoption rested on Thumbelina’s choice.  If she didn’t like him we drove home empty-handed.

Drinking from the same bowl within hours of meeting.  This is a good thing.
Drinking from the same bowl within hours of meeting. This is a good thing.
Cuddlefest on the bed when we got home.
Cuddlefest on the bed when we got home.

Dash is one of THE cuddliest dogs we have ever met.  Hands down.  He’s outgoing, friendly, funny, and he loves to snuggle right up under your chin if you’ll let him.  Unfortunately he’s also an incorrigible bum sniffer, but I suspect that some puppy smack downs from Thumbelina will cure him of that habit.  He’s not a puppy, but he’s very active and SUCH a clown.

Lasers ON!
Lasers ON!

Whoops, flash was a bad idea.

Looks like they're getting along, what do you think?
Looks like they’re getting along, what do you think?

To celebrate our new addition we were going to do what most new parents do when they have a little one, we were going to set up a registry.  Then we realized that we really only need one thing.  And it’s here.  I know, it doesn’t make for challenging shopping, but at least we didn’t throw a shower with silly games or anything.

There will be more pictures coming up.  Right now he’s settling in for his first night with us.  Tomorrow we tackle the dog park.


13 thoughts on “Please welcome the newest member of our family –”

    1. Thanks, Amanda! We’re going to give him about 2 weeks to adjust to schedules and the house and the cats and then we’ll start him on The Grand Tour of friends and places.

  1. So happy to hear the good news! Dash could have been named for his dashing good looks. The best part is that he has found a loving home and he seems to fit right in with the family. Congratulations to you all and best of luck.
    Much Love,
    Mom and Dad H

    1. Thanks, Mom! I hadn’t thought of the dashing good looks part. While one of his nicknames is certainly going to be handsome, his other nickname is “Shadow.” Whoever is going somewhere in the house, he’s right at their heels.

    1. He is ridiculously adorable. And seeing Thumbelina happy, cuddly, and getting to be the Alpha is really wonderful. It’s been 24 hours and they already touch noses whenever they’ve been separated for a few mins. Ded of the CUTE.

  2. What a beautiful dog! You really need a license for that much cuteness, though. It could be dangerous if left to dazzle bystanders without proper supervision.

    1. Thank you! He’s also just a total sweetheart. He wants to meet and snuggle everyone he meets. If you’re sitting down at the dog park, look out! He’ll try and climb into your lap to cuddle you. I can’t believe someone gave this dog up.

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