Apparently, Dash does not like the Grateful Dead

Or, perhaps, it’s more accurate to say that he’s not a fan of tie dye.   He is, however, a fan of play.  And of stuffed toys.  And of absolutely killing stuffed toys while playing.  And, unlike Rerun, he doesn’t eat the stuffing.  WIN.

Which bring us to tie dye, dancing bears, and the Grateful Dead.

In the fall of last year we went to the Billerica, MA outlet of Pet Edge.  Sadly, that location is now closed, but they still do business online and are fantastic.  I encourage you to shop there.  Anyway, we were always able to get large quantities of stuffed toys for very reasonable prices there.

It was always a good thing because Rerun was a veteran stuffy killer.  As he got older he was more interested in surgically extracting the squeaker and leaving the carcass on the floor.  He also intimidated Thumbelina out of her own stuffy killing ways and pretty much claimed all the toys for himself, so we have a lot of squeakerless but otherwise playable toys around the house here and there.

Enter Dash.  He loves the squeakers but apparently doesn’t care if a toy has one or not.  He found a tie dyed psychedelic stuffed bear that Rerun had surgically extracted the squeaker from and then tossed under a piece of furniture.  When we brought it home new from Pet Edge it looked something like this:

Only it had a heart and the word LOVE embroidered on the tummy and Peace signs embroidered on each foot.

Dash, in the little over a week he’s been here, has nearly destroyed it.  He’s remove the stuffing from most of the body, torn off bits and bobs, and even growls while killing it.  (Rerun was famous for communication via growl.)

This was what it looked like after a little play tonight.  There's even less bear now.
This was what it looked like after a little play tonight. There’s even less bear now.
Kill the bear!  Down with tie dye!  No more Grateful Dead!
Kill the bear! Down with tie dye! No more Grateful Dead!

That last caption might be me editorializing a bit.  I had a college boyfriend who was a HUGE fan.  Me?  Not so much.

Action shot!
Action shot!
Whoops!  There goes an arm.  Sorry, teddy.
Whoops! There goes an arm. Sorry, teddy.
Dash investigates his kill.
Dash investigates his kill.

The bear has since lost the rest of his face/snout and an ear.  I’m feeling good about our ability to get rid of all the little stuffy corpses that Rerun left us as well as our ability to exercise Dash aka The Blur on days when we can’t take him and Thumbelina to the dog park.

If he starts asking for “some some fava beans and a nice chianti,” however, I’m going to get worried.


7 thoughts on “Apparently, Dash does not like the Grateful Dead”

      1. Oops, sorry! Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned it. I’m sure you’ll almost certainly be okay, though… probably.

        Still, just to be on the safe side, I suggest sleeping at night with an axe and a flamethrower by your side.

        1. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I think we’re pretty zombie proof. Between the (World War Z style) Anti-Zombie Dachshunds and the various sharp weaponry around the house, I think we’re good. I hope.

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