Indianapolis brewery owner is made of awesome

I can’t say I have ever been to Indianapolis.  But I ever go, I am going to give the Black Acre Brewing Company some of my business, at least stop in for lunch or something.  Why?   Because the owner, Jordan Gleason, threw a sexist meathead out of his place and then posted a Facebook rant about how appalled he is by the way women in the service industry are treated and by sexism in general.  And his post is going a bit viral as a result.

And as if I needed any more reason to like this guy, I noticed something else in one of the photos accompanying the articles about him.

Brewer, feminist and GoT fan Jordan Gleason.  Look over his left shoulder.

Yes, over his shoulder you can see the POP! Vinyl figures for Jon Snow and either Robb Stark or Ned Stark (can’t tell which).  Either way, it is clear that he is a fan of Game of Thrones and a fan of the Starks, in addition to being an evolved human being. Huzzah!

Well, Jordan, at the soonest opportunity I am toasting both you and the King in the North with a nice frosty and foamy mug of something delicious.

Stay awesome, man.


2 thoughts on “Indianapolis brewery owner is made of awesome”

  1. I found you from reading your comments on “The Bloggess”. Now I know my instincts about you were correct. Looking forward to much more….

    1. Kelly will be pleased to hear you like her comments so much. While I also read the Bloggess, Kelly is the one who always comments because she is a Bloggess superfan. Me? I am just a regular fan with no superpowers.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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