Finally, the interview I was waiting for

I got a call yesterday from the City of Cambridge.  They want to interview me for the position I applied for with Emergency Communications down at the CPD.  We scheduled for next Tuesday, after the holiday weekend.  This is the interview I was hoping would happen before the end of the year, as it is for a job that I think I am a very strong candidate for.   Wish me luck!


Please… do it for the sake of the gnomes.

One of the things I truly love about living in Cambridge is that sometimes you just find random stuff that is just hilarious, or generally awesome, or occasionally both.  This qualifies as both, I believe.  I found it while I was walking to my barber shop in Inman Square.  I can’t remember which bar this was in front of, but it was one of those places in Inman Square where there are always lots of people.

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