Scratch the mighty hunter

We’ve written here before about Scratch’s odd habits and various issues.  One thing that his Prozac hasn’t changed is that Scratch is convinced that he’s a mighty hunter and that his prey is everywhere.  He will attack the stuffed toys that the dogs leave everywhere and randomly grab them, shaking them fiercely as though he’s killing them.

He’ll jump suddenly in the air turning and growling just a bit and attacking an invisible foe.  (Usually it’s a dust mote that only he can see.)  The best part is that when he does this he usually stops when he’s done and sits there for a little while with his mouth open, fangs showing, and trying to look fierce.  It’s like he saw an episode of a sparklevamp movie and thinks he’s a character.  Naturally, this cracks us up.

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Christmas Concerts and Services in the Greater Boston area

Hi folks,

My friends and I are performing in some lovely concerts leading up to Christmas and we’ve also got an assortment of services on Christmas and Christmas Eve for those of you in the greater Boston area who might be looking for a particular service to suit your needs.

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