Home phone not working… again.

Kelly and I wanted to let everyone know that our home phone is no longer working as of this past Tuesday.  A tech came by on Thursday and we thought he fixed everything, but apparently that is not the case.  So we have been almost a week without a home phone.  We will let you know when it is working again.

This is really really really getting old.


Why we don’t have Facebook- part the second

Or Twitter for that matter.

This popped up on Boston.com today and horrified us both.  This is why we have an open and public blog.  If you want to know anything about us it is right here.

Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords

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Oh, Internets, where art thou?

Still posting from my phone. Still no internet connectivity. Still no word from Verizon. We’re about to start a petition, or a fire, not sure which.

If you need us you know how to find us.


Verizon Fail, part whatever

I am posting this from my phone. This is our third day in a row with at least one call to Verizon to talk to “Peggy” or someone similar. Geoff has finally convinced them that, yes, we really do know what we are doing, no, we’re not going plug and unplug the damn thing again, and that the problem really is on their end.

Today they finally took us seriously and as a result they’ve completely shut off our internet connectivity. As a result we’re left to rely on our terrible AT&T cell coverage for internet service.

So, if you need to reach one or both of us DO NOT EMAIL US until we post otherwise here. Call the house, call our Google voice numbers, send us a text message, or call our cell phones as a last resort. As a reminder, our cell phones are ALWAYS our last resort as AT&T sucks.

If you are so inclined please feel free to email Verizon and tell them how awesome they are not.


Dear Verizon-

We get it.  We’re stuck with you.  You’re like the abusive spouse that’s got us stuck in a relationship we can’t get out of.  You’ve isolated us from our friends, and the only people we know who might be able to help us out are Comcast, who’s WAY worse, and satellite internet, which we can’t afford.

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Taxes, thank you notes, and interviews

And maybe a small rant…

Despite the fact that I slept in today, I’ve gotten a remarkable amount of work done.  I got the two thank you notes from yesterday’s interview written and sent out with Geoff to be dropped in the mail.  I had picked up some more stamps on my way home after yesterday’s interview precisely so I wouldn’t have to hunt down a random forever stamp left over from the wedding or mix together a conglomeration of postcard stamps to do the trick.

I got an email about another interview from an interested local college.  We have a telephone interview tomorrow and, if all goes well, an in person interview sometime soon after that.

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Female beauty “defined”

I found out today that this image has been circulating on Facebook.  Not having a Facebook account (that’s intentional), I would be one of the last people to know.  In this case, that’s a good thing.

sexist comparison of women
When was the last time you saw photos of men like this?

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So it’s not just here in Greater Boston

I saw this article this morning while I was doing my usual morning news read.  Now, I have had my own issues with UPS in recent months, most notably a couple of months ago when I was forced to go out to the UPS facility in Watertown to get a package that should have been delivered to our house.  Supposedly they had attempted to deliver a package to our house twice but failed and so left us the little official notice post-it on the front door.  On neither occasion did the driver ring the doorbell.  Both times we were home.  The second day I specifically made sure that I was home so I could get the package.  At one point the dogs started barking and so I ran to the front door as fast as I could, getting there in less than 20 seconds, only to watch the truck drive off yet again.  I was flabbergasted and furious.  Going out to the distribution center and having to stand in line for an hour outside in the rain to get my package because the delivery guy could not expend any real effort trying to get me my package was not my idea of how I wanted to spend a Friday evening.

So it isn’t just me.  It isn’t just here.  If this is becoming the norm for UPS all over the country, then perhaps they need to examine their business model and figure out what the hell is wrong.   And I imagine that laying more people off is not the answer.