Dyngus Day

I was talking online last night to my friend, Ray.  I was telling him about how yesterday, known more or less globally as Easter Monday is known is my circles as National Church Musician Recovery Day.  I also guessed that it is probably known among clergy as National Clergy Recovery Day (though they may need a week).  Anyway, he told me that not too far away from where he lives, Easter Monday is known as Dyngus Day.

I had never heard of this holiday, but he informed me that it involved squirt guns and pussy willow branches.  Wow, OK.  I decided I had to go look it up.  Here is what I found.  (From DyngusDay.com)

Did you know that the legend of Dyngus Day goes back to the year 966? Where is the largest Dyngus Day celebration in the world? What is the deal with pussywillows? Why sprinkle water? Who founded the modern Dyngus Day celebration in Buffalo? How do you say “cheers” in Polish? Can you really find your TRUE love on Dyngus Day? Become a Dyngus Day Buffalo expert before headed out to celebrate!  

Wow.  There’s more where that came from.  If you’d like to read all about it click here.  It helps if you can read Polish though, the site has a bit of it sprinkled in here and there.  I find it funny that I’d never heard a word about this before yesterday.  I used to live on the edge of the largest Polish neighborhood in Boston.  It was called the Polish Triangle and it was the kind of place where when you walked into a neighborhood store which, naturally, flew the Polish flag and carried home made pierogies in the freezer, they greeted you in Polish before they greeted you in English.  I had almost figured out how to say, “I don’t speak Polish” in Polish before they realized I was a Welsh/Irish transplant and started greeting me in English when I came in for a gallon of milk.

So, um, a belated Happy National Church Musician Recovery Day, National Clergy Recovery Day/Week, Easter Monday, and Dyngus Day!