Boston & Cambridge area people- big freecycle event in July

Harvard University and the Harvard Square Farmer’s Market are having a huge freecycle event on July 8th, 2014 on the Plaza in front of the Science Center.  There will be tons (ok, maybe not tons, it depends on how much is donated) of stuff there for people to take and reuse.

Donations will be accepted as early as 9:00am.  Details on the website are here.  You can bet I’m going to be there to drop off the growing pile of stuff Geoff and I have in our “To Donate” corner of the guest room.

Harvard Square Famer's Market Freecycle event poster
Harvard Square Farmer’s Market Freecycle event poster

Tell your friends, coworkers, family, etc.  I’ll see you there.


ETA: Month fixed.  I was tired.

Brimfield 2014 – The Loot – Part 1

Geoff and I found a lot of great things at Brimfield this year.  Unlike past years we didn’t go looking with extremely specific things in mind.  This helps tremendously because you tend to happen across things that you can use or give as gifts and spend more time browsing and less time hunting.  I’ve managed to photograph most of the items.  We’re going to break them up into a few posts over the next week or so because listing them all at once would be insane.

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Mild winter day

Today has not been beautiful per se, but it has been quite mild.  The temperature reached about 50 degrees today, mild enough that I started a project that needed to be done outside.  We have some old cat litter bins that I have cleaned out and cleaned up for using as storage containers in the kitchen.  But obviously we don’t want them looking like old cat litter bins, so I got some of the spray paint that sticks to plastic.  A nice navy blue that would match our kitchen seemed like a good choice, and so I waited for a day with decent weather so I could spray.  Today seemed like the day.  So I painted and then set everything out on newspaper in the back yard to dry.

Then it started to rain.  The forecast said there was a 20% chance, and I guess the roll of the dice was just so.  I hope the paint job isn’t totally ruined.