My cell phone

Some combo of my actual cell phone and AT&T are up to tricks and I DO NOT like them at all.  If you need to get in touch with me please do one of the following.

1) Call me at home.  Really. We have a land line.  It works and at this point it is better and more reliable than the cell phone even though it is Verizon powered.

2) Call my Google Voice number.  There are like 12 ways I can get those messages and I can send and receive text messages from that number.  If you need it, that number is 617-396-7664.

3) Send me an email.  I am online almost all day as I am looking for work and wedding planning.  At this point as there is a lag of DAYS between when cell voicemails are left and when I get them and seconds between when emails are sent and when I get them, email is the way to go.

4) Comment here.  I’m on here a LOT.  And I get an email whenever there is a comment left here.  So if you need to get in touch with me and all else fails, or if you just want to leave me a witty comment, say something here.  Ftr, I like witty commentary.



P.S. Geoff is STILL in the interview.  Fingers crossed!

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