Some good old fashioned Phone Phreaking

Those of you who call our home number (not the numbers on our resume and not one I will post here) may notice something different about our voice mail.  We’ve changed the message to make it a deterrent to auto-dialers and telemarketers.

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Looks like I will have no phone for a while

Well, as Kelly mentioned yesterday, I lost my phone.  I am still not entirely sure if it was accidentally dropped and some random person picked it up or if it was actually stolen, but I did file a report with the Boston Police Department.  The security software I installed was working properly, as we were able to keep the person who got it from using it.  Plus we were able to track it, which was somewhat helpful but also a little annoying.   Tracking does not help if the updates are only every five minutes (or otherwise intermittent) and if you are in a very crowded area (which I was).  So even though there were times I was literally within 25 yards of it, maybe 10 yards, I could not find it or the person who had it.  And the BPD were just not that interested in helping me recover it, which is just annoying.  At any rate the battery is probably run down now and I doubt I am getting it back.  So until I can get a new phone for next to nothing (June 9th at the earliest) I will have no cell phone.  So please don’t call it. 

– Geoff

My cell phone

Some combo of my actual cell phone and AT&T are up to tricks and I DO NOT like them at all.  If you need to get in touch with me please do one of the following.

1) Call me at home.  Really. We have a land line.  It works and at this point it is better and more reliable than the cell phone even though it is Verizon powered.

2) Call my Google Voice number.  There are like 12 ways I can get those messages and I can send and receive text messages from that number.  If you need it, that number is 617-396-7664.

3) Send me an email.  I am online almost all day as I am looking for work and wedding planning.  At this point as there is a lag of DAYS between when cell voicemails are left and when I get them and seconds between when emails are sent and when I get them, email is the way to go.

4) Comment here.  I’m on here a LOT.  And I get an email whenever there is a comment left here.  So if you need to get in touch with me and all else fails, or if you just want to leave me a witty comment, say something here.  Ftr, I like witty commentary.



P.S. Geoff is STILL in the interview.  Fingers crossed!

Family Emergency/How to get in touch with us Part 1 Million

We’re in the middle of a family medical emergency at the moment.

We’re in the middle of a lot of phone calls back and forth.  In the middle of it all Geoff’s cell phone has decided that the speaker will no longer work.  So, it will accept text messages and send them and it will work with bluetooth devices.  We can use it to make calls from the car, which is bluetooth enabled, and he’s currently looking for his bluetooth headset.

If you need to get in touch with us, specifically him, PLEASE call the house or my phone.  Email is also good as we’re both hooked up to the internet 24/7 right now and will be for the foreseeable future.  Comments here will also be answered in all haste.

Thanks, everyone,


Apparently this bears repeating

So, I am reposting this and making it sticky.  PLEASE read this and program your phones accordingly.  For a little while, at least, new posts will appear below this one.  Thanks.

A Public Service Announcement

Please note, this has nothing to do with you.  Or you.  This is just a general reminder.

If you need to get in touch with us please, PLEASE, PLEASE, call us on our home line first.  We get absolutely crap for cell reception at home.  We have no idea what it is about a 3 story brick building that makes it impenetrable to the cell waves that AT&T sends out, but we can sometimes go 24 hours between when someone sends us a text and when we get it.  Often we get random voice mail that just appears on our phones without a corresponding call.

We have a land line for a reason and this is it.  Please call it first when you are looking for us.  If we do not answer, then call our cell lines.  If we do not answer at our cell numbers then it is a good chance that we’re unavailable because we’re 1) in church, 2) in a concert, 3) in a movie, or 4) sleeping.  Leave a voice mail and we promise that we will call you back in a timely manner.  Multiple messages on each line are not necessary.

Thank you,

The Management