A new Christmas tradition?

Kelly and I are big Neil Gaiman fans, in case you didn’t know already.

Now we have yet another reason to love the guy.  Last year he recorded a wonderful version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens: a version in which he reads from Charles Dickens’ own annotated copy, as Charles Dickens, complete with clothes and beard.

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Christmas Card 2014

We’re back at it again this year, we’re saving on postage being environmentally friendly and putting our Christmas Card online.  There’s also the time factor.  It took me more than 8 hours to wrap the Christmas gifts that are being shipped to 3 places in two other states and being handed out here in MA.  Actually mail merging the labels for the over 100 names on our list, labeling, signing and then mailing the cards (maybe not in that exact order) is WAY more time than I have.  So, an hour or so of photo editing it is.

And so, I give you, our 2014 Christmas Card.

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The dual basket idea worked, apparently

When we decided to put a second basket on top of the upright freezer as a cat bed, we had hoped that eventually the cats would be able to use them at the same time.  And so they have.

Yesterday, as I was finally finishing up the major kitchen cleaning and reorganization project I mentioned earlier, I put out the jar that holds cat treat and stocked it.  That got someone’s attention.

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Major kitchen reorganization and cleaning, supervised by Scratch

My big project this week has been the kitchen.  I have wanted to do a major cleaning for a while now, and it’s as good a time as any.  This also gives me a chance to do some reorganizing since I have a good idea now of what new kitchen items (I mean post-wedding) get used more often than others.  So my electric griddle gets put somewhere that makes it easier to use, for example.  The clam boil pot, as much as I love it, might get used once or twice a year and so it can go somewhere out of the way.

Anyway, as I was cleaning yesterday Scratch decided he was going to “help” by heading up to his new cat bed, up on the freezer.  Now, before I get into this too deeply, some background is required.

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The cat thermometer

There’s a joke somewhere on the internet about how you can use your cat to tell how cold it is.  At some point around freezing the cat gets friendly enough to let you pet him, below freezing he’ll actually cuddle with you, and at some point near zero the cat tears open your midsection while you sleep and warms himself in your viscera a la Luke on Hoth.

That’s not quite how it works in our house.

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How to know when you’ve been watching too much Downton Abbey

Last week my mother and I were talking on the phone and she mentioned how she and my dad are fans of Downton Abbey.  I mentioned that Geoff and I had never seen it.  Not one episode.

That could not stand, so my mother shipped us season 1 and 2 on DVD.  They arrived just before Nemo did.  We watched all of them during the storm.  We may have over done it a touch.

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