All wedding stuff all the time!!! And squirrels.

At least, that’s what my life feels like right now.  (Ok, the wedding part, not the squirrel part, more on that later.)  Anyway, I just wanted to let folks who might be in the shopping frame of mind know a couple of things.

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Giant Men and Flying Furniture

We were on our way home from taking Thumbelina to the vet* yesterday when I spotted a couple of guys from Gentle Giant on Binney Street in Cambridge in the middle of a move.  Rerun was in my lap and I pointed them out to him and we waved in our typical dorky “I have a dachshund in my lap “way.  It was then that I was reminded that I’d promised the Gentle Giant folks that I would post these pictures.

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Poor, pathetic puppy.

A week and a half ago, specifically Sunday June 19th, we noticed that there was something wrong with Rerun.  For those of you who know Rerun that’s a pretty general statement.  He’s a weird little dog.  Specifically, this time he had a foot problem.  He’d apparently managed to impale a toe or get bitten or something.  Either way, it wasn’t pretty.  His second toe on his front left foot was approximately three times the size it should have been and he had licked/nibbled on it to the point that hair was missing.

Knowing Rerun’s temper, we muzzled him, wrapped him in a blanket, and functionally hog tied him to keep from hurting himself.  He thrashed, growled, probably swore, and tried, despite the muzzle, to eat whatever human body part got closest to him.  Despite all of this we managed to bathe his paw in hydrogen peroxide, clean it, and drain the infection out of it.  Because it looked like, at minimum, an allergic infection, we gave him a weight appropriate dose of Benadryl and decided to call the vet first thing in the morning.

We called when they opened and they had an opening at 11:15am.  By the time we got there is was clear that he was feeling a little better, but his toe was still quite swollen.  The vet, one of the newer members of the practice took a look, inspected all of his feet, and upon finding out from us that he was a self nail trimming dog, opined that it was most likely that he’d split his nail to the quick while chewing on it and that’s how the infection had gotten in.  When she showed me that there was, um, infected fluid, coming out from under his nail, it made total sense.

We came home with a scrip for pain meds, 3 weeks of antibiotics, and the Cone of Shame.  That’s right, Rerun got an e-collar.  This immediately turned him into a Zombie Dog.  He came in the door and refused to move.  He just lay down wherever was most inconvenient and remained there like a rock.  A rock with Sad Puppy Eyes.

Naturally this required pictures.  For posterity, of course.

The Cone of Shame
"Daddy, please take this off. Please???"


"I keeeel you."
"Take another picture and I eat your face."

If you look closely in the photos you can see the swollen toe on his front left foot.  It looks MUCH better now and he’s clearly feeling better, though he still HATES the e-collar.  If I can get any more photos without inducing him to kill me in my sleep, I will.


Boston Area Weather *right now*

For those of you not playing along at home or who are, realistically, following your own weather patterns, Boston is currently under a Tornado Watch and a Severe Thunderstorm Warning till 8:00pm.  There is already a possibility of a Tornado touchdown in one place in Western MA and one place in NH.

There is a LOT of Tornadic Activity, and some seriously huge super cell storms.  I know for a lot of you in Tornado Alley this probably sounds silly, but for New England, this is a big deal.  Golf Ball sized hail is highly unusual here.  It just doesn’t happen, though today it already has.

Geoff has his police meeting tonight and I have my rehearsal.  Both places have basements, though getting to the actual buildings may be dicey depending on when the storms actually land on us.  Right now the storms are wreaking havoc on the western and central parts of the state.  Straight line winds up to 100mph have already caused problems.

I did pop my head out of the house to be kind and warn the roofers and got covered in gravel and asphalt for my troubles.  Thanks, guys.  I hope you get struck by lightening.  But not till after you clean up my deck.  Sheesh.  Jerks.

Anyway, everyone, stay safe, stay away from your windows, and if you get any good hail pics let us know.


ETA: 5:17 pm- 2 tornadoes have touched down and both have spent a long time on the ground.  One is on the ground right now in Brimfield.  That’s right folks, where we just went for vacation.  It’s moving east at 40 mph.  The far edge of the super cell is moving into Boston right now.  That’s just rain, thunder, and a nice light show.  The real business of this storm is still at least an hour out.

To put it into radar perspective, we’re in green now, the hot pink and purple where the real action is, that’s an hour and a half drive away.  The tornado has internal speeds of 100+ mph.  Woo?

ETA: 5:32 pm- Middlesex County now has a Tornado Warning and Boston has ordered all city parks cleared and all baseball games and other outdoor activities canceled.  All Boston restaurants with outdoor seating have been ordered to bring their seating and tables indoors.  I have never seen this happen in all the years I’ve lived here, and that’s been a long time.  16 years.

So, my laptop blew up

It’s been a month since either of us has posted here.  This has largely been due to the fact that 1) my laptop caught fire, 2) Geoff has been ridiculously busy at his internship, and 3) I’ve been applying to jobs like a crazy person.

Regarding the laptop, Geoff has taken it to his internship and his coworkers, who have all the fun tools, have managed to take it apart and, upon discovering SCORCH MARKS, figured out which piece went to the big computer dump in the sky and are going to fix it once the new piece arrives in the mail.

I have been having interviews fairly regularly.  This is good.  The problem is that 1) I’m always the other guy, the one they don’t hire, or 2) I get there and have a great interview and then find out that they’re paying peanuts with a side of pistachios.

Geoff has an interview tomorrow at a big local university.  I had an interview at the same university last week.  We’re both applying for more jobs than we can keep track of hoping that something good will take.  If you know of someone who’s hiring and who might want one of our charming selves on staff, send it our way.

Finally, my brother sent me this today.  He’s awesome.


What a day.

Well, it finally happened.  I’ve been put on layoff notice.

Last night I was finally able to get in touch with my boss.  He works in another time zone so it is sometimes hard to get in touch with him on the phone if we need to go over something.  I left him a voicemail and he got back to me last night.  We went over some outstanding issues that needed his attention and then I asked him about getting some extended time to work from home due to issues with my knee.

Silly me.

He said that if I had a note from my Dr.’s office that I could work from home and avoid commuting with a leg in a full length brace.  That made me very happy.  So I got up this morning at 8:00am and called the office when they opened and left a message asking the staff nurse to call me back.  This woman?  Is fantastic. She can move administrative mountains and I have absolute faith in her.  After a bit of phone tag we had a conversation and she said she’d fax me the appropriate paperwork.  She did, I scanned it in and emailed it to my boss.  Interesting, I have not, as of yet, heard anything about it.

Then, the phone rang with my office number. Turns out, it was the Executive Director calling to tell me that I was being laid off.  The most interesting part?  Turns out that 4 positions are being eliminated, all of them currently occupied by women.  The only women in the entire company.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions, but that rather stands out to me.

So, if you’re looking for someone like me, you know where to find me.  Have friends who are hiring for something interesting?  Send them my way, I’m interviewing.


In which gravity and I fight, gravity wins, and the human race comes through.

On my way home from work every day I generally walk a mile to a T stop that is 2 stops away from work. I do this to get exercise and also to decompress from work. I did this yesterday and also stopped at CVS to pick up some scrips for me and Geoff. After I left CVS I crossed the street and sped up a bit to avoid an oncoming car.  As I did this I approached the pedestrian island in the middle of the street and as I went to step up the toe of my right shoe got caught in the hem of my left pant leg. (You can see where this is going, right?)

Yeah, splat.

I went down. Hard. I landed mostly on my right knee and then on my left. I had my backpack on and I landed in such a way that I rolled onto my right side and got up almost immediately. By the time I got up blood had already soaked through what was left of the right leg of my pants. As I rolled up the leg of my pants to investigate there were rivulets of blood running down to my sock from my knee.

Excellent, my own bloody sock. I guess that makes me a real Red Sox fan.

At this point I had attracted the attentions of two British tourists who were very concerned for my well being. They were very concerned as I got out my first aid kit (I always carry one in my backpack) quickly bandaged the gaping would in my knee, and tried to clean off the blood on my leg. It wasn’t until after I poured water down my leg that a man appeared, quite literally out of nowhere, offering me disinfecting wipes. Those were a Godsend.

It was then that I realized that not only were my hands covered in my own blood, the lady half of the British tourist couple was patiently holding my cell phone that had flown free and landed in the street when I went down. I rinsed my hands off and took the phone from her very gingerly. Then I thanked them and hobbled toward the T station where I realized that my bandage had soaked through. I changed it there and, in the process, a young woman on a bike asked me if she could get someone from the MBTA to help me. I declined, but was again impressed with how kind people were.

I called Geoff and woke him up out of a very sound nap. He hopped in the car and headed over to get me. Covered in blood and in torn clothes was not a great way to ride the T home. While I was waiting for him I called the 24 hour nurse line provided by my insurance company. As I’ve never had stitches before I asked when exactly one should get stitches. After going over the details of what happened (I had to explain to the very nice nurse that I fell onto a brick *sidewalk* not that someone had tried to hit me with a brick.) she said that the insurance company recommended that I go to the ER and be evaluated.

So, I went. And Geoff met me there.

And 6 hours later I left with 7 stitches, an X-ray of my knee (there’s a little fluid under the knee cap) and a full leg immobilizer.

That’s right kids. I’m not allowed to bend my knee for 14 days. I can walk (sort of) but I can’t walk normally or without the full leg immobilizer for the next 2 weeks. I have no idea how I’m going to commute, sit in my chair at the office, rehearse, etc. I can *barely* get in and out of the truck.

Is this the worst thing to happen ever? No. Am I hella sore today? Yes. Am I going to have some truly spectacular bruises? Absolutely.

So, Kelly- 0, Gravity- 1, General Public- 4