A well churched weekend

Geoff and I spent a lot of time this weekend in houses of worship.  On Saturday our friends Paul and Laura baptized their adorable daughter, Susannah, at St. Paul Parish in Harvard Sq.  Apparently the theme of the day, other than joy and music, was fuchsia.  I don’t know how I figured this out but I decided at the last minute to wear this excellent pink top I have that has pretty satin piping.  Turns out Laura was wearing this outstanding pink lace dress and had taken the time to hand stamp a pink chrysanthemum on the front of each of the bulletins.

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Wedding working weekend insanity 2011

This weekend was a combination of Geoff’s Birthday, our cake tasting, prepping our centerpieces, making our final trip to the Alfred Angelo store for the Bridesmaid dress shopping, and meeting the awesome hair styling and makeup team to get our hair and makeup trial.

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Deep-sea fishing, anyone?

A guy that Kelly and I know from church has a friend who owns a charter fishing boat.  I had been thinking that I would much rather do some deep-sea fishing for my bachelor party event than the usual debauchery of some combination of gambling and strippers.  That is just not my thing, and so I thought getting out on the water (in November, no less) might be more adventurous and yet less likely to get any of us in trouble with family and/or the law.  So I finally had a chance to talk to the captain in question, and he has a magnificent new (2009) 37 foot boat that can handle up to six people fishing at the same time.  Feel free to check out his website and see what you think.  I am thinking that for the time of year (and the captain agrees with me) that our best bet would be cod and/or haddock, but at that time of year tuna are also in season.  So it would sort of depend.   Anyway, if we do this it will be on Thursday, November 10 (that’s the Marine Corps birthday for any jarheads out there) so we will have plenty of time to recover before the rehearsal dinner Friday.


Once a year, in June

I have the odd fortune to have a huge number a friends who have birthdays in close proximity to mine.  I swear, I grew up without knowing a single other Gemini (Ok, I knew one person who had the same birthday as me, but she and I didn’t hang out.)  Now, as an adult, I have two friends who share my birthday and half a dozen friends who have birthdays within days of mine.  This doesn’t even include my parents.  My mother’s birthday is  7 days after mine and my father’s birthday is another 4 days after that.

So, for about, oh 8?  10? years now, my friends and I have been having a big joint birthday party.  As times have changed the parties have gotten smaller and involved less alcohol and ended earlier.  Now they involve offspring.  Ah, how times have changed.

This year the kids were remarkably cute and SO energetic.  For your enjoyment I have uploaded a video from the party of 7 1/2 month old Thomas and a bunch of photos from the party and also from a while back when we went out to cut down some trees felled by an ice storm (aah, life in the burbs) and one of the wee ones is wearing my hard hat.

Enjoy and if you’re the parent or Auntie of one of these kids, feel free to leave a comment if you want me to email you an original of one of the kidpics.

And here is the URL for the photos from the party.  http://junebirthdays2011.shutterfly.com/



Pretty good birthday all around

So far the big 4-oh has not been so bad.  I was quite pleased to have so many of our friends show up at the party and enjoy the food, and yet we still have a lot of leftovers.  Not a bad thing, really, and I certainly won’t have to buy any soda or beer for a while.

Also, we got several surprise visitors.  Kelly was not surprised to see her parents, but they definitely surprised me.  And both of us were surprised to see Liza (the maid of honor for our wedding) since neither of us thought she would be coming to the party.  And we had a couple of other last-minute changes of plan where people who did not think they would make it were able to come after all, so it was good all around.

Also also wik, we had the best-tasting orange baseball cake ever.

Party Photos

Courtesy of my Surprise! Guest!, and Maid of Honor, please enjoy some party photos from Geoff’s 40th Birthday Party.  They’re a little dark because they were taken at the cake cutting in the dining room which is the most poorly lit room in the house.


Surprise! Guest! herself
She surprised me, nobody does that.
Celebrating with cake.
Celebrating with cake.
More party guests.
More party guests.
Even more party guests.
Even more party guests.
The, um, "orange baseball" cake.
The, um, "orange baseball" cake.