The phone is FINALLY back on

Just wanted to let everyone know that the home phone is working again.  Hopefully that will last a while.   So call us.  While you still can.


P.S.  Yes, I know Kelly had already posted about this, but she did not emphasize the urgency that comes with never knowing when the phone will go out again.  It’s like we live in a Third World country.  Thanks, Verizon.

P.P.S. Of course, putting FiOS in would solve this problem, so if anyone from Verizon wants to go ahead and do that, we don’t mind.

Our home phone is back

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that our home is connected to the real world again. After a week with no home phone service and several Verizon techs being dispatched to several places, we have a working home phone again.


– posting from my phone, Kelly

Home phone not working… again.

Kelly and I wanted to let everyone know that our home phone is no longer working as of this past Tuesday.  A tech came by on Thursday and we thought he fixed everything, but apparently that is not the case.  So we have been almost a week without a home phone.  We will let you know when it is working again.

This is really really really getting old.


Nice to be back in the 21st century

So we have done it.  As of yesterday, we have a new ISP and thus a faster, more reliable Internet connection.  I had to make some minor adjustments to the home network, but generally speaking it all seems to be a dramatic improvement so far.  I can’t believe how much faster this is, after fighting with the crappy DSL for so long.  And this isn’t even close to being the highest available cable speed.

Anyway, we will be ending our old Internet service later today.  So please do not continue to use my old Verizon e-mail address.  It will be gone soon.   For now just use my gmail address.


Compare and contrast, plus a heads up

It is astonishing the difference in customer service between Verizon and DirecTV.  Lately we have been the victims of all sorts of technology failures: we have poor cell reception in our house; the DirecTV connection in our living room stopped working;  my primary desktop PC is dying a slow death;  and of course our Internet connection has been both slow and intermittent.  The tech that came by yesterday was able to diagnose what was wrong with the DirecTV connection in our living room pretty quickly based on what I told him about the differences in signal strength between the two boxes.  Imagine that.  He actually listened to what I was saying.  So he quickly found and fixed the problem (the jack in the wall had gone bad) and now we (meaning Kelly especially) can watch TV in the living room again.

Of course, the Internet connectivity problem continues to plague us.

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Thank you, Verizon, for proving my point

Today we lost our Internet connection yet again.  It was off for at least nine hours until I got on the phone late this afternoon and managed to get them to fix it.  I did not get any explanation worth a damn as to why it was no longer reliable, and I knew that it would go out yet again.  So earlier tonight I tried using the online tech help assistance chat thingie since a few people had said they had better luck with that than on the phone.  And the online tech apparently did not hear a damn thing I said.  I am so not shocked.  I tried to explain that the problem wasn’t that I didn’t have an Internet connection right that second, but that it was intermittent.  Of all the techs we have dealt with, in person or on the phone or online, we have had only one who actually understood that.  And so this time I tried to explain, and even let the tech connect to me remotely.  Her response was to essentially play with my wireless connection.  She disconnected it and then reconnected it, and was like “yay, your problem is solved!”  Um, no, it wasn’t. I tried to say that it was only a matter of time until I lost my connection again, and it was like I was speaking a language she couldn’t understand.  Like say, English.  I thanked her for her time and then disconnected her.  And so for a little while longer we had Internet access.

And then the Internet went out again for another three hours. It came back on within the past half hour.

Time to switch.  And I am still so angry I am thinking about asking for a refund.