A letter to a friend

Dear Carter,
I suspect you know all of this already.  You probably know a lot of things I don’t, but I wanted to take a moment to write you anyway.  I’ll tell you straight away, I’ve missed you.  When you took ill a few months ago we all assumed that you’d bounce right.  You were always amazing with your energy and tenacity despite your age.

But you didn’t get better.  You got worse.  And on Thursday, you died.

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The customer is not always right

One of the greatest disservices ever done to workers in this country was the introduction of the phrase, “The customer is always right.”  The credit for that tidbit of wisdom goes to Stanley Marcus of retailer Neiman Marcus.  Thanks, Stanley.

The customer is NOT always right.  Anyone who has ever worked in retail, food service, or front line customer service of any kind can tell you that.  In our society comprised of increasingly entitled, unintelligent, lazy, self-centered, and generally ignorant people, giving them something so blatantly easy, so totally pandering to grab onto as “The customer is always right” has done nothing but harm.

That has never been more obvious than in the last few days when the vine video in this article, if you can call a 6 second loop a video, went viral.

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The Animals of the Internet Speak Their Minds

Some of these have been kicking around on my hard drive for a while and I think it’s time they come out to play.  Some of them are just too good to keep to myself.

grumpy cat dementor

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“That’s not a knife, THIS is a knife.”

This popped up on Boston.com today and it made me laugh.  As it involves Geoff’s family’s ancestral home of New Bedford, MA I thought it worth posting here.

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Yard Sale People

We had a yard sale today.  On the whole it went really well.  However, when you’re dealing with random people on the street and people who saw your ad on Craigslist, you never know what you’re going to get.

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