History in the making, but not in a good way

There has not been a shark attack on a human being in Massachusetts since 1936.  So naturally someone just had to go and ruin that long unspoiled record.

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Things I do not understand

There are lots of things in this world I do not understand.  Septum piercings, Mitt Romney, people who drive Hummers in cities, and fanfic are a few.  Today Etsy introduced me to a new one.  So did Fab.com.

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This is why other drivers scare me

While on our way to visit my sister and her family in New Hampster, Kelly and I were unfortunate enough to be stuck behind a car that started driving a bit erratically.   Then things really got crazy.

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Stewie and Koko

Regular readers around here will know that Geoff and I have a HUGE soft spot for animals.  Ours are our kids and we’ll make sure that they eat and go to the vet before we go to the grocery store or the doctor.  They are our family.

As a result, we spend a lot of time helping other animals, individuals, and rescue groups get animals in need the care and homes they need.  Today I’m going to tell you about two of them.  One of them is a lot luckier than the other but they’re both special in their own way.  I hope you’ll take the time to listen to their stories and help if you can.

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I guess we’re continuing with the theme

I was reading an article on Boston.com about a rather inspired prank pulled by the graduating class at a local high school when this link at the bottom of the article caught my eye.  It was one of those, “if you’re reading this article then you’ll like this one too!” type of things.

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News of the undead

No, this isn’t Geoff posting.

To continue on our slightly macabre thread from yesterday, I’m following up with this story that popped up on Boston.com the other day.  I am hoping that this one won’t generate the Google hits that yesterday’s post did.  Traffic we like, really disturbing search terms bringing people here, not so much.

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