Creepy item of the day

I’m a big fan of putting up weird, creepy, poorly thought out, and generally strange stuff here that I find in various parts of the internet.  Some times they’re emailed to me and other times I just happen across them.  Today, this landed in my inbox.

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My new favorite Etsy Seller

I received this email today and I immediately started cackling when I got to this photo.  Naturally, I had to show it to Geoff.  Also naturally, it was already sold out by the time I clicked through and got to Etsy.  These people are Evil Geniuses.

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Chocolate what???

Ok, so I admit it.  Geoff and I watch a lot of Bones.  A lot.  But when this popped up in my inbox the other day even we were… confused.  Leave it to to send me something like this and think that it is normal.  Normal for a serial killer, maybe.

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More Brimfield posts… soon

We promise.  But until we can get them done, here’s this.

unicorn farts
I’ve seen their other products before. This is the first one that actually made me laugh out loud.

This is from Etsy seller Long Winter Soap Co.  They’re apparently New England people and I totally appreciate their sense of humor.